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DROCON 5G Screwdriver-Free Big GPS Drone with 420M Super Long-Range Fluent Transmission, Geofence Limit, 1080P HD Camera, GPS Auto Return, Follow Me, Circle Me, DC-08 for Beginners & Skilled Pilots


Main Points of Interest

  • 1080P HD CAMERA WITH 120° FOV AND 60° GIMBAL UP/DOWN - Excellent camera performance helps to capture greater dynamic range and enhance image clarity, whilst the wide-angle lens combined with 60° vertical gimble movement, ultimately allows you to see the world from a greater perspective.

  • 5GHz WI-FI FPV SEAMLESS TRANSMISSION - The DROCON DC-08 provides you with a seamless full panoramic view of the skies from up to 420m away, offering you real-time video of amazing scenery from a never-seen-before perspective. The transmission is constant without interruption.

  • GPS AUTO RETURN – Up to 12 GPS satellites accompany the drone wherever in the world you may be. With the GPS feature turned on, the DC-08 automatically returns to the starting point location when the battery becomes low or the signal is lost, eliminating the possibility of crashes due to power loss or signal failure It's never too late to start a drone flying adventure anywhere, and the DC-08 operates in temperatures between -10℃ to 40℃.

  • FOLLOW ME & SURROUND FLIGHT MODES - Normal flight techniques are great, but for even more fun & entertaining flying, the Follow Me and Surround Flight modes intelligently track and control the drone, freeing your hands up to do whatever you want and hug whoever you love!

  • NEVER LOSE YOUR DRONE – The DC-08 has its own accompanying in-flight security guard that will keep your drone safe. Aside from the auto-return function, it is programmed so that it can’t fly out of range of the controller (420m). When the drone is in danger of flying too far away and out of sight, it will automatically reign itself in and notify you it has flown too far.


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