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Transmission Fluid Pump Tool
Transmission Fluid Pump Tool

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ABN Manual ATF Filler System – 3L Manual Transmission Fluid Pump Tool for Automatic Transmission with System Adapters



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ABN Manual ATF Filler System – 3L Manual Transmission Fluid Pump Tool for Automatic Transmission with System Adapters

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  • SAVE MONEY ON TRANSMISSION SERVICE WORK: Checking and changing your  transmission fluid keeps your automatic transmission lubricated and  running smoothly and it helps to avoid wear on your clutches; But going  to a mechanic can cost up to a few hundred for a transmission fluid  change; Skip the hassle by changing the transmission fluid yourself with  the ABN 3L Manual ATF Fluid Pump Automotive Fluid Transfer Pump Fluid  Dispensing System

  • BUILT TO LAST: Large 3-liter (101.4 oz) fluid container is made of thick  plastic for durability and longevity and features 4 supports on its  base to enhance stability while you work; Pressure gauge can register up  to 30 PSI and faces upwards for easy visibility; 5.3 foot (1.6m) fluid  dispensing hose features swivel thread connector to link to filler unit  and a metal dispenser with a shut off valve; Metal dispensing nozzle  uses an easy-release locking mechanism to hold adapters in place  securely

  • CONVENIENT STORAGE SYSTEM: With so many little parts it might be easy to  lose pieces, but the 21-inch hook and loop adapter belt and 14-inch  (35.5 cm) extension band easily fit around the fluid transfer pump  automotive filler system for easy organization when working or in  storage; 11 elastic slots hold the included transmission fluid fill  adapters and more; Included ATF adapters cover the most common  transmission systems including DSG and CVT

  • EASY TO USE: Open the filling cap and fill the unit using a funnel;  Tighten cap and connect dispensing hose; Use the correct adapter then  insert into the transmission opening after draining used oil; Use soft  grip pump handle to pump liquid from the filler unit to the vehicle;  Pressure gauge helps to gauge how fast fluid will move; Do not exceed 20  PSI; Always refer to vehicle manual for further service regulations and  remember to recycle used oil properly

  • CONTENTS: Transmission oil pump system includes fluid filler unit with  pump handle, pressure-relief cap, pressure gauge, 7.5mm x 1.5 m tube,  adapter belt, extension band, and 8 transmission fluid fill adapters;  Adapters include Ford 1/8” adapter, universal (BMW, Honda, and Nissan)  ATF 02 adapter, VW ATF 03 short adapter, VW and Porsche ATF 004 long  adapter, VW and Mini Cooper M10 x 1 threaded adapter, VW and Audi DSG  ATF adapter, Audi CVT M24 x 1.5 adapter, & Mercedes CVT M12 x 1.5  adapter

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