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Portable Car GPS Navigation System
Portable Car GPS Navigation System

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GPS Navigation for Cars, 7-inch Portable Car GPS Navigation System, Built-in 8GB-256MB Real Voice Turn Alarm Satellite Navigator.Lifetime Free Map Updates



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GPS  Navigation for Cars, 7-inch Portable Car GPS Navigation System,  Built-in 8GB-256MB Real Voice Turn Alarm Satellite Navigator.Lifetime  Free Map Updates

Some Points of Interest

  • [Lifetime free map update] Maps of the United States, Canada, Mexico,  and North America have been pre-loaded, and map updates are supported.  We provide free maps of North America and South America for 2021. The  device supports more than 40 languages. If you need to update the latest  map, please contact us

  • [Intelligent navigation system] This GPS navigation system has voice  navigation turn instructions, comprehensive voice prompts and safe  direction instructions. The GPS navigator will show you exactly the lane  you want to drive before driving to the exit. Intelligent error  correction, if the route is wrong, the car GPS navigation system will  automatically generate a new route, making it faster, safer and more  accurate to reach the destination. Satellite navigation will make your  driving safer

  • [Various vehicle modes] Support 7 vehicle modes:  car/truck/taxi/bus/pedestrian/bicycle/ambulance. In order to avoid  danger, the truck mode has customized a better route to avoid the  restrictions of width, height and weight the way. Provide audible  warning and route planning to inform the estimated time of arrival,  speed limit reminder and high limit reminder, traffic lights and high  speed camera voice notification

  • High performance: 7-inch TFT LCD high-definition sensitive touch screen,  resolution 800 * 480 Built-in MediaTek2531 8GB ROM 256MB RAM, maximum  support 32G extended memory (large capacity can accommodate you to store  more maps, materials, videos, music, etc.), you can adjust Brightness,  high definition even in sunlight

  • [After-sale worry-free]: NAVRUF car GPS navigator will provide 100%  satisfactory 90-day worry-free money-back guarantee and lifetime  warranty. If you have any questions about this product, please contact  us through Amazon. We will contact you within 24 hours. GPS navigation  maintenance: After receiving GPS navigation, please use the car charger  fully charged before using (USB is only used for data transmission).

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