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by Melissa Wyse


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Artists in Residence: Seventeen Artists and Their Living Spaces, from Giverny to Casa Azul  Hardcover – Illustrated, February 2, 2021

Some Points of Interest

  • This book invites you inside some of the most creative and inspiring  homes of all time. For the 17 artists profiled here, a house or an  apartment is not simply a place to eat and sleep; they transform  everyday spaces into dynamic reflections of their individual artistic  passions. You will gain a deeper appreciation of your favorite artists'  work and may just discover a new favorite. Richly illustrated  throughout, this petite jacketed hardcover offers a fascinating and  inspiring blend of art history, interior design, and armchair travel.

    •  DISTINCTIVE ILLUSTRATED APPROACH: While other books have explored the  spaces that housed and inspired artists, they have been exclusively  photographic. With vibrant illustrations, this book immerses readers in  the atmosphere of each artist's home more than photos ever could.
    •  DIVERSE RANGE OF ARTISTS: The 17 artists profiled represent a diverse  cross section of eras, countries, races, genders, and artistic  styles—not to mention a wide range of homes, from a New York City  apartment to a renovated English farmhouse.
    • A FRIENDLY INVITATION  TO ART HISTORY: With relatable prose and vibrant illustrations, this  book is perfect for anyone looking to casually learn something new.
    •  INTERIOR DÉCOR INSPIRATION: Readers will surely walk away with ideas  for crafting their own creative spaces after reading this book.

    Perfect for:

    • Artists and art appreciators
    • Art history buffs
    • Interior décor lovers
    • Travelers and armchair travelers
    • Podcast listeners and blog readers
    • Creatives in all industries