"UniZoneLabs.com" POLICY


Customer Care

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Wholesale Inquiries

The "UniZoneLabs.com" does not implement any inquiries since it is not a whole sale. "UniZoneLabs.com" is an affiliate online business trying to show the visitors some hot and top-edge products currently in the market while. "UniZoneLabs.com" also drives it own evaluation of the products it promotes in order to make it easy to the visitors, users or members to make a reasonable decision while in the process of purchasing any given product. 

Privacy & Safety

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Payment Methods

During the purchase of any given product while in the sellers website redirected from "UniZoneLabs.com" the user do not need to be aware any more from where it came from. Once the user is there, in the seller's site then it is the rules of the seller that matters, not our. So the user should read carefully everything there before it makes a purchase.